Fabric Restoration Systems

Specialized Fabric Restoration  Systems that will make your old roof look brand new again!

Our Fabric Restoration Roofing Services

Strong Roofing To Withstand The Test Of Time


Roof Installation

Let us protect your most valuable assets and install new fabric reinforced roofing for your place of business today!


Roof Replacement

Has your existing fabric reinforced roofing seen better days? Maybe it has sprung a leak or two? Let us repair that troublesome old roofing before it causes any further damage.


Roof Repair

Does your fabric reinforced roofing look and perform well except for one little area? Let our experts come and show you how to repair that roof!

Our Working Process



Our team will conference with you about your fabric reinforced roofing project and what your needs are to best prepare for our inspection and plan a course of action.



We send out our qualified roofers to fully inspect and determine the issues and decide what the best course of action is to solve your metal roofing dilemma.



Post-inspection we will compile a plan of action to eliminate your fabric reinforced roofing issues and discuss with you the best options in which to remedy your situation.



Once we have a clear approved course of action we begin installation or rejuvenation of your fabric reinforced. We ensure to see your project through to completion!

Fabric Reinforced Roofing

Professional Fabric Reinforced Systems For Professional Businesses

Restore Your Fabric Reinforced Roofing! Rejuvenate Your Fabric Reinforced Roofing! Refresh Your Fabric Reinforced Roofing!

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Rugged, hail- rated roof lowers energy costs!

Conklin’s Fabric Reinforced Roofing System will give your building trouble-free protection. It waterproofs with a seamless acrylic coating in which a tough, flexible fabric is embedded. This combination makes a rugged, yet lightweight membrane that resists splitting and rupturing – the primary cause of leaks. This system also substantially increases the strength of your roof, extends its life expectancy, and increases the energy efficiency of the building.

Trouble free protection and low maintenance!

Conklin’s Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System provides leak-free protection and exceptional energy savings for years. It maintains maximum reflectivity and energy savings because its surfaces are resistant to dirt and discoloration. Annual or bi-annual cleaning is all that’s needed to keep it white. Plus, Your new fabric reinforced roofing can reduce cooling expense by up to 30% The average roof absorbs a large portion of the sun’s ultraviolet rays as heat. Conklin’s white Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System reflects 85% of the sun’s heat, cooling your roof, which could save as much as 30% in air conditioning costs.
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Rugged roof stands the test of time!

Conklin’s Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System is tough and flexible; it is recommended for both new and existing roofs. This extra-durable system will deliver these benefits for years to come:Stops leaks with superior waterproofing Offers excellent wind and hail protection Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expense with its cool, white reflective surface Extends the life of your existing roof

Recoup Your Cost Of Investment

A great return on investment is another important reason to install a Conklin Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System. Many satisfied building owners discover that a Conklin roof lowers air conditioning costs and can pay for itself during the warranty period. Federal tax rebates, tax credits and deductions may also offset your investment. Check with your local utility company, tax advisor, and energystar.gov for additional details.
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8,000 sq. ft. Fabric Reinforced System, Denver, CO. We had leaks for years, that seemed unfix-able until we had Innovative Roofing come out and put on their Fabric Reinforced System! Since then our roof has been performing great! We also now have the whitest roof on the market! Working with Trent was a pleasure, he was honest about the entire process and they delivered accordingly. Highly recommend these guys!

Exernie Merritt

CEI Constructors

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